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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the past month Outfit notes ~ Rule No.4 "Shop from youself"

Added style photos from 17 Oct 2010 to 16 Nov 2010

Last style notes post: here

All in one:

Outfit 1A

Outfit 1B

Outfit 1C
Outfit 1D

Outfit 1E
Outfit 1F
Outfit 2 A

Outfit 2B

Outfit 3A

Outfit 3B

Outfit 3C
Outfit 3D
Outfit 3E

Outfit 3F
Outfit 4A

Outfit 4B

Outfit 4C

Outfit 4D
Outfit 4E

Outfit 4F
Outfit 4GOutfit 4H

Outfit 4IOutfit 4JOutfit 4K

Outfit 4L
Outfit 5A

Outfit 5B
Outfit 5C

Outfit 6

Outfit 7A

Outfit 7B Outfit 7C

Outfit 8A

Outfit 8B
Outfit 8C
Outfit 9A

Outfit 9B
Outfit 10A

Outfit 10B
Outfit 10C
Outfit 10D
Outfit 11A

Outfit 11B
Outfit 12A

Outfit 12B

Outfit 12C

Outfit 12D
Outfit 13
Spring/Autumn Outfit 14


  1. Where did you get the pants/trousers in Outfits 1A (green) and 1C (thick gray)? Who is are the designers? Thank you. GMB

  2. Hi there, I got them from the Japanese store:


    The brand for both is: Engineered Garments


  3. Thank you. I went to Nepenthes NY today and I think I saw the green trousers. They had a limited selection for women and the sizes ran very small. I was told they are likely going to expand the women's line in the coming seasons. Thanks again. GMB