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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tour with Billykirk, Engineered garments, sugarcane 1947s et al. Canberra, Australia

infor on the difference between Mbee & Chewle Kenya lots (Market Lane Coffee)

THe Chewle and Mbee are both kenyan coffees and most probably are the same varietal; SL28 / 32 as they both have big bold fruit notes and lovely juiciness for which kenyans are reknown for. The Chewle in the cup had more of a citrus acidity, with notes of lemon, orange and lime and a cocoa body, whilst the Mbee had notes of passionfruit and hints of black tea. They are both incredibly sweet coffees, with lovely juiciness. I find the Mbee incredibly complex; there is a lot going on in the cup; whilst the chewle has lovely clarity of flavours that are perhaps more defined / simple. Both wonderful examples of fine kenyans though!

Next week we are ending out the mtaro from Kenya which is exceptional; it has more blackcurrant / grilled pineapple notes... it is one of my favourite coffees this year, I think you willl really enjoy it! ...

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