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Monday, December 7, 2009

Hands on reflection: Thinking about shirt details for women

1) the fit (fit but not too tight; have some room around the body )

top three slim-fit shirts I like:

SE Women's Long Sleeve Black Denim Western
Mister Freedom White Chambray Utility Shirt (shown in the photo)
Flat Head Red Chambray Long Sleeve

Meanwhile I also find the loose fit shirts flatering

example 1: eworkers'
example 2: Filson

2) with pocket(s) - the size of the pocket(s) however should be the right size (I guess it is a key to not get the boyfriend fit?)

3) the length of the sleeves (I found many shirts made in Japan tend to have short sleeve length)
like this length (and also the plate)

4) Fabric
Chambray is nice. May I propose linen, liberty print, and oxford?

5) the position of the second button

- down 1inch from the first (I like to tuck in scarf in, with this button, the look is better)

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